Google Adds More Filtering Options To Local Business 3-Pack
Google has added new filters to the local 3-pack on both desktop and mobile for all users. This allows searchers to filter listings with their own preferences.

The two standard filters are “ratings” and “hours” that show up above the first listing in the local 3-pack.

It also shows up for mobile users as well, with “top rated” and “open now” filters.

​However, if you do a brand name search for something with multiple locations, it no longer shows the rating filter, but only the hours filter.

We have seen filtering in restaurant related queries and have seen filtering in other types of businesses off and on during testing by Google. But this new change seems to cover all local 3-packs, not just restaurant specific queries.

Will this mean that getting top ratings will be even more important for Google My Business listings? Possibly. But it is hard to know just how much use these new filters will actually get in practice.

The change appears to be live for all users.