Revealed: Positive Reputation Marketing Promotes Your Business.

Your online Reputation will make or break your business.
If customers are seeing negative comments and feedback about your business online they will not trade with you. Research shows that customers who are about to buy will do a review of your business before buying usually on their mobile device. They buy from the businesses with 7 to 10 positive or 5 Star reviews . These businesses have to be on the first or 2nd page of the search engines to earn the business of the buyer.

Most of these buyers are using a mobile device and are always in a hurry to do business with the “5 Star Reputation”, business. Usually they are in your business or a competitors business when searching on their mobile device.

“90% of consumers say online reviews impact their buying decisions…AND

79% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations!”

Do you want to increase your company’s profile of positive reviews and keep your company’s online reputation spotless? We can help.

Do you want to be known as the “Go-To business in your field” then you need to increase your company’s positive reviews? We can help.

What is Reputation Marketing.
Reputation marketing is a critical part of overall marketing in today’s world. We help people and create their online reputation videos at a fraction of the cost it would normally take to produce such videos. The video quality is very professional and yet affordable for small businesses. We have helped doctors, podiatrists, chiropractors, spa and saloon owners and lawyers, among others.

What is our 5 Star Reputation Marketing Service.
Our 5 Star Reputation Genius services are for companies of all sizes, who want to get their name out there on the internet in a positive way, and prevent negative commentary from impacting on their bottom line.

How Our 5 Star Reputation Genius Services Works:
We help your company by doing “5 Star Reputation Testimonials ” and use syndication of all the social media sites and a number of other sites so we take over the front pages of the search engines and moving any negative reviews deep down in Google’s search results where they will do minimal damage to your business.

Some of the tools we use to promote positive mentions of your company include:

  • Facebook
  • Your company website
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Syndicated press releases
  • LinkedIn
  • Local Portal site submissions
  • Your website blog

To name just a few.
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